Projects in Scriptcase are centralizing information, with them you can manage all that is related to application development. In our blog we talked about how to create development projects using Scriptcase but once created you can still edit some important information, we know how to follow.

After opening the project go to the menu “Project” and select “Properties.”


The first screen that opens allows you to edit the project description, the field name shown above is not editable. It is also possible to indicate whether the project uses the index page and there’s even a place where important information can be entered on the project as possible observations and items to share. Finished edits simply click the Finish button.


In the next tab you have the option to add the languages ​​of your project, this important feature Scriptcase allows an application can be easily translated into several languages ​​simply adding it on this screen.


In the last tab of the project properties you can change the default schema design. The Schema contains all the visual scheme of the project. Currently Scriptcase has numerous options with this you have the possibility to use a color scheme that will surely please the users of the application.


Scriptcase allows you to edit the information at any time and with that you get much more autonomy in its development project, want to know more? Then download the free version already Scriptcase 7.1 and discover a world of new possibilities.

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