Technology is surely taking this world by a big storm. The advancements taking place in the field of technology are out of this world. One of the important aspects of technology has to do with programming. Programming helps individuals come up with great programs usable in the technological field. Below is a highlight of the 4 pillars of object oriented programming.

Abstraction is the first pillar. It refers to the process of revealing important features of an entity by concealing the irrelevant details. This pillar increases efficiency and reduces complexity. Entities normally have multiple abstractions.

The other pillar is encapsulation. This refers to the process of consolidating data and its respective functions or operations and putting them in a single container. This single container is known as class. Programmers can use a particular class without any information on its implementation. With encapsulation, data is insulated which makes it inaccessible by the outside world. Simply put, this is data hiding. It is important for individuals to realize that Encapsulation is not hiding of data but it leads to data hiding.

Inheritance is the other pillar of object-oriented programming. Simply put, it refers to the process of generating or creating a new class from an existing one. New classes bring with them additional functionality and properties.

Lastly, polymorphism is the other pillar. This is the ability to take different stages and forms. For example, a subclass can have the ability to define its own distinct behavior and still have the same functionalities and behavior of the parent class or base. However, it is not possible for a parent class to have its subclass behavior.

The above are the 4 pillars of object oriented programming. It is important to have an in-depth knowledge of all these pillars. All are important in equal measure.

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