Come check out the successful case of the CBMPE – Pernambuco Military Fire Department. Currently, the CBMPE has a staff of about 3,000 military personnel, groups led by the Commanders of the Metropolitan and Interior regions with an efficient performance in all regions of the State.

In the Metropolitan Region, services are performed by two Fire Department (GBI), the Marine Fire Department (GBMar), Prehospital Care Group (GBAPH) and the Search Rescue Group (GBS).


Previously to the creation and use of the system, our technical surveys sector worked with excel spreadsheets, manual slips, manual consultation of payment compensation (one by one in the savings bank system), printing in graphic form of Inspection Certificates which they needed to be signed one by one by the head of the sector

The documentation was received in physical form by our attendants, who needed to be kept and separated by status. Lots of separate information and little transparency. Everything conspired to inefficiency, rework, loss of documents, corruption and taxpayer annoyance.

Through Scriptcase, we wanted to create an external customer service platform, and that’s what we did. The Non-face-to-face Service System was developed, with payment management, consultation with other databases and issuing Certificates via Online.

“Cost-effective and fast development.”

Manoel Francisco de Oliveira Cunha Filho – GENERAL COMMANDER OF CBMPE

Certificate of Excellence Award in Electronic Government

Login Screen

Offered Services Screen

Public Service Portal screen

Technical Activity Management System Screen

General Reporting Screen

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