Today we are presenting a case of success the CINDACTA III – 3rd Integrated Center for Air Traffic Defense – with MANCHE system. Based in the city of Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil, which operates in the northeastern airspace and in a vast area on the Atlantic Ocean – meridian 10 w. It has as one of its peculiarities the uninterrupted operation in the important corridor of routes between the South American and European continents. Virtually all flights from South America, with this destination, cross the air space under the tutelage of the organ.


MANCHE brought substantial improvements in the work processes of the teams, in the overall organization process since the organizational indicators went from 65 to 17, becoming more assertive and strategic, as well as allowing a better involvement of the bosses in the process monitoring.

The results of this can be seen directly in the satisfaction survey of users since now the feedback returns 98% satisfaction indexes on the part of the users in the questions of safety and monitoring of space air space.

Another important result of MANCHE’s improvements was the purchase of 50 tablets to be used in the operational areas of airspace control, and this managed to ‘eliminate’ tons of printed paper (manuals and amendments), as these publications began to be digitized. The concrete result of this was that an amendment that took weeks to publish today, is made in 2 minutes.

There was a reduction in both the system process data insertion time from 180 days to 15 days and in the critical analysis of the system processes from 120 to 30 days.

100% transparency in the processes, traceability of the performances and involvement of the heads in the monitoring of the organizational processes.

A 95% average reduction in the risks of lack of control and monitoring of organizational processes and the risks of lack of control of documentation and records.

Well, this MANCHE system is an innovative and successful initiative, becoming the main and most important maintenance tool of the Quality Management System in the organization. The incredible and transformational upgrades and improvements in the Brazilian Airspace Control System (SISCEAB) would not be achieved without this initiative built through Scriptcase.

SourceInformativo do Departamento de Controle do Espaço Aéreo – DECEA produced by the media advisory office – ASCOM/DECEA

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