The moment that develops a project is important to take several items into consideration, among these items can highlight the choice of development platform. Fundamental part in the development process of an application development platform is one of the tools that will be most used during project execution. Looking from this perspective we see how the choice of the tool is important, so let’s give you some tips that will assist you in choosing your.

  • Meet the platform, it is important to seek references from the market regarding the platform and especially indications of other programmers and project managers;
  • Analyze the side of labor, many platforms and programming languages ​​are not as popular and consequently the labor ends up being quite scarce, so analyze how the market provides professionals of different levels to the chosen platform;
  • Stay tuned to the level of updates, bugs are common in any type of platform, but it is important to analyze the pace of updates and fixes that the platform has. This is one of the major problems encountered in free platforms;
  • Pay attention to the cost and benefit, many platforms charge exorbitant prices for licenses and often, depending on the project, another cheaper platform can deliver the same and in some cases even better quality;
  • Support is important, know the SAC services that the company provides the moment before the acquisition of the development platform is essential.
  • Meet your needs, a platform underutilized can be a problem, so as the need to give careful thought about it and invest only what you need. Thus, the price of the project does not need to be inflated to compensate for the high value investment unnecessary.

Choosing a good platform is no easy task, but with lots of research and analysis the task can become less arduous. Now if you do not want to worry about any of the items we pass ScriptCase choice. With an affordable cost and one of the best supporters of Brazil, ScriptCase is without a doubt one of the best options for any type and size of project.


If you do not know right now ScriptCase visit our ONLINE Course ScriptCase with PHP and start right now to take your first steps.

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