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Have you noticed that the web development market has grown in recent years? Suddenly, coding HTML, PHP and JavaScript has become something very important and the interest of companies also rose sharply. Companies, in general, have desperately sought professionals qualified and able to do both the front-end part, as the back end one.

Back-end developers have always had the support of various PHP RAD tools that would help in web development. But this support was virtually nonexistent in front-end world. There was, by the way, huge contentment when a Firefox extension called Web Developer Tools was launched, which brings us to another important point: tools.


There are, in the market, numerous basic and advanced tools – so looking for the perfect resource for your needs becomes an overly hard work. The huge amount of resources on the Internet certainly makes it difficult to make the right choice for your needs. With the aim of easing it, there is a tool that connects front-end to back-end, runs directly in the browser and also gives flexibility to the developer to enter his business rules using the PHP language in a friendly interface: this tool is Scriptcase.

Scriptcase facilitates the development of web applications, allowing developers to focus on business logic instead of worrying about repetitive elements and tedious development. Scriptcase fits a very specific part of the web development tools that is considered a RAD (Rapid Application Development).

Never used a Scriptcase or any other PHP RAD tool? We will then list 7 reasons to use it. they are:

1 – Any level of developer

Scriptcase is suitable for every person who wishes to develop web systems, regardless of their programming knowledge. For example:

  • A person with little or no knowledge in programming languages can use the Scriptcase’s guide to create complete applications without writing any line of code, using only the default settings defined in the tool.
  • On the other hand, already experienced programmers will be able to extract the maximum of the PHP RAD tool using PHP and other programming languages, such as JavaScript and CSS, adapting the applications generated by Scriptcase to business rules required by the system, changing them into something unique.
desenvolviment coloborativo

2 – Reduction of time and cost in development

If you work developing any kind of solution, whether for the company you work, for your own company or as a freelancer, you know that the most critical point in the development cycle is TIME. Much of the time you spend is tedious and repetitive, especially in large projects that require various forms and reports. Scriptcase manages for you the several features present in any project, from the creation of forms to the design of the interfaces and also the entire access layer to the database, regardless of the database used.

low cost

3 – Integration of people and resources

Scriptcase runs directly from a web browser, which allows multiple developers to work on the same project simultaneously using the same Scriptcase installation, thus centralizing development in one place. Scriptcase also includes several additional tools such as code library, data dictionary, a set of ready-made functions called macros, select command building tool, among others.

4 – Portability

It can be installed on the operating systems Linux, Windows and Mac OS, and can be accessed through the main browsers on the market. Applications developed with Scriptcase adapt automatically to the device that accesses it. For example, when creating a standard form, Scriptcase accesses it through a mobile device, then the application automatically adjusts for that device, displaying the same form, but with the components compatible with the device.

responsividade PHP

5 – Leading edge technology

We are constantly releasing new versions and news. A customer who has developed his system in version 2 of Scriptcase can use the same system today; however, up- to-date with the main technologies of the current market, ie, when we release some new release, you can migrate your project to the latest version, adding to it all the news of the release.

6 – Business Intelligence (BI)

Reports and charts generated by Scriptcase have several tools that allow you to customize the application by the end user. Likewise it facilitates the work of the developer, who will save time when making a single customizable application, Scriptcase makes the applications to be generated by a powerful BI tool.

business intelligence

7 – Complete systems with little programming

Scriptcase has the power to develop robust web systems, like a CRM, a portal to your intranet or a mobile web application, high quality trading and can create large systems with thousands of users. It is a development PHP RAD tool that can generate a set of applications such as queries, forms, graphics, menus, calendars, filter applications, dashboard, among others, in an automatic and rapid way.


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July 15, 2016


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