A main point of any environment involving productivity is time, the faster the production of a product the higher the income and profit that will be generated. In this scenario we can perfectly fit the development of applications for the web. Programming is a “craft” that involves time, physical and mental effort, and any process that can be automated means greater flexibility in delivery and consequently higher yield.

In many cases it is necessary to program the same method in several different applications and because of that developers end up looking for ways of not having to repeatedly having to write the same code. Therefore, it is common for developers to use the popular frameworks which bring several methods ready and it is simpler to customize applications, but nowadays there are already tools that can further facilitate the life of a system developer for the web.

ScriptCase can work understanding the logic that was applied on a database, for example, and simply reading the table structure can now generate complete reports with lots of filters, screens, registration, editing and deleting records and all that quickly and practice. Importantly, these are just some of the possibilities that offers ScriptCase. From a wizard programmer will selecting the tables you want to work and repetitive coding and makes the programmer losing time and money, are due to the ScriptCase. What does this mean? Increased production capacity and thus more results.

With ScriptCase, projects that previously would take weeks to gain produced more quickly, so the programmer can work on various side projects and thus increase its delivery capacity. Furthermore, ScriptCase has a base with systems already pre-assembled as an e-commerce, for example. With these templates the programmer already has several items ready within the system, another great example is the cash flow template that comes with all business rule applied, just go customizing points that for some reason can be different according to the project.

After the development of your project simply publish it to their users in any location so it can be used completely independent development tool.


Develop systems using ScriptCase is very fast, as soon as you know the tool already feel how practical can become the development of their activity. Want to know a little more about the tool? So download now and start to enjoy the benefits of this amazing tool, if you have any questions we still have a free ScriptCase courses that will help you get started.

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