We release the Scriptcase 7.0.007 last week, take a look at the changes.

New functionalities

Added error handling for SQL Lookups on events, writing a log during code generation.

Specific correction
Fixed download filename on document fields (Filename and Database) on IE 8, 9 and 10.
Fixed GroupBy fields parsing during conversion.

Fixed “Invalid Template Name” message when clicking return in the Advanced Deployment.
Fixed export of a specific GroupBy when selected in the summary of Grid applications.
Fixed macro sc_label on horizontal forms. (Multiple records and Editable Grid)
Fixed macro sc_apl_conf in applications with security features enabled.
Fixed error when generating application form (single record) with Scriptcase registered only for the Microsoft Access database.
Fixed validation when creating a methood whose name are found inside the name of another preexisting method.
Fixed line charts thickness on PDF export.

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