When initiate a development project, the expectation is that the result be a solution that helps to solve the most sundry situations of a organization. But one very important item inside this context is the way that how this solution will solve the questions in matter. This way needs to satisfy the user in many aspects and it is exactly this that this functionality evaluates.

The software functionality owns a sub feature that seeks accomplish a wild comprehensive analysis about the various satisfactory points of the user, that been:

Adequateness: This item will measure how adequateness is the set of functions implemented as the client needs;

Accuracy: Represents how accurate the system is about the supply results of the operations.

Interoperability: Evaluates the way that the system interacts with other users.

Security: Evaluates how secure the application is intermediary attacks and other malicious things.


This items together suggest a functional capacity of the application and, this way, they help assure the quality of the developed application.

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