This post is the continuation of our Advanced Master/Detail tutorial. Click here to read the first part of the tutorial.

Once the master is created it is time to create the detail form.

Creating a Detail Form:

1 – Create a new form of the type Editable grid view based on the table order_details.

2 – On the application menu, click on the field positioning.

3 – Remove the fields OrderDetailsID and OrderID.

4 – On the application menu click on Fields and select the field ProductID.

5 – Change to Data type of the field to Select.

6 – Still on the field ProductID go to the Lookup Settings, On the SQL Select Statement insert the following Query of the image:

7 – Still in Fields on the application menu click on New Field.

8 – Create only one field, then click next.

9 – Change the type to Decimal, Name and Label to Total.

Creating methods in the Detail Form.

10 – On the application menu access the programming tab, then expand PHP Methods -> New Method.

11 – Create a new method called calculate_total.

12 – Insert the code from the following image:

13 – Create a new method called check_stock.

14 – Insert the code from the following image:

15 – Create a new method called update_master.

16 – Insert the code from the following image:

Tomorrow we will post the third and last part of the Advanced Master/Detail tutorial.

Read the fist part of this tutorial. LINK HERE

To read the 3rd and last part of this tutorial click here

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