SQLite is one of the most incredible relational database management systems today. This is mainly because of the number of awesome features and advantages it brings with it. The software is arguably one of the deployed database engines in the world today. Several browsers, embedded systems, and operating systems find this software amazing and thus use it. It has numerous bindings to programming languages. It is worth noting that the program does not need to be installed before using it. What this means is that there is no set up procedure per say. Users do not need to start, stop, or configure any server process. It surely boasts of many features, which are all wonderful. Some of the SQLite advantages are highlighted below.

Speed tops the list of the SQLite advantages. when using the program, one of the things that you will fall in love with is incredible speeds. Actually, you will enjoy two or three times fast speeds than other search query languages management systems. In addition to this, users enjoy a fast php interface. The other feature you can boast of in regards to speed has to be lack of IP/TCP overheads.

Another advantage of SQLite has to do with functionality. In regards to this feature, you can enjoy up to 2TB worth of data storage. Its database is also easily movable. Small memory footprints, sub-selects, transactions, views and triggers are all features you can enjoy as well.

Security stands out as one of the other SQLite advantages. Each user enjoys their own personal independent databases. This guarantees maximum security.

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October 14, 2013


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