In Scriptcase some concepts are very important to be known. For example, applications are the screens that will be part of the web application that is being developed in the tool, then let’s learn how to create a first application for quickly and easily.

Soon after selecting the project will open a new screen, it will contain all the applications you create, you still have the option to create custom folders that will help you to have more control over their applications.


To create a new application, simply click the “New Application” and the creation screen will open.


In creation screen applications you can choose from the different types that Scriptcase offers. Applications of type Query, Form, Control, Filter, Menu, Tree Menu, Tab, Report, Container, Blank and Calendar are those that are part of the range of options. For our example we will create an application type form.


The screen form creation you can create a form from the various types that Scriptcase offers, namely single record, multiple records, Editable Grid and Editable Grid (View) for our example we will use the format single record.

On this same screen you can still choose the table from the database that will be used for the form, another important item that will help later in management applications is the application name. For the name have a tip for you, standardize all screen names, so it is much easier to manage your project.

Then tab Schema you can select the color model that will be used in the form. Automatically Schema uses the default setted in the project, but if necessary you can use a different color model.


After selecting the Schema, simply click the Create button and your application is ready to be used. Clicking the “Generate” all the source code of the application is created and the “Run” button you can see the application running.


You can still edit later various settings of your application, simply access the data through its own configuration screen.


Understood because it is simple to create a screen in Scriptcase, in a few minutes all the features of a form were created. HTML, CSS validators, fields, everything you need to make your application run. Take a practice test now, download version 7.1 now free and start right now to enjoy all the benefits that our tool provides.

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August 20, 2013


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