To update records in a table of data in DB2 is very simple, using UPDATE command from the syntax shown below quickly you realize that common action in the life of a programmer or DBA.

UPDATE [Table]

SET [Column] = [Value]

In the above syntax UPDATE command will update all records in the table as well as DELETE, for example, it is necessary to use the WHERE clause to avoid errors and inconsistencies in the data.

UPDATE tshirt

SET Size = ‘M’


UPDATE tshirt

SET Size = ‘M’

WHERE Brand = ‘XYZ’

In the examples given have the following situations, the first all records of the table will be updated with the size M. In the second, only the records of the brand ‘XYZ’ will have its size attribute updated. To update records in a table, as happens in any database, it is important to be sure about the script since once performed only in the return form backup can recover the lost information.


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