In the Tree Menu type, also known as Treeview, it is possible to work with some events that can help you in case is necessary to implement a personalized code because a specific situation on a project. Next, we’re going to show how to work with them and you’ll realize how practical to implement what is needed.

To access the tree menu events, go to “Events” directory on the “Tree Menu” guide.


When you click on the directory, the following events will be available:

  • onApplicationInit: This event starts right when the application starts;
  •  onExecute: This event starts when the menu receive the first execution;
  • onLoad: This event starts right after the menu load.

 To implement the event code just click on the event and a screen with a editor on it will be exhibited. For example, we’ll edit the onExecute event.


On the editor is possible to work the code in PHP of your preference. If you like to use one of the Scriptcase complete codes, just select those who have the green mark on it.


Notice that the finished code will be delivered so this way you’ll win much more time in your development activity.

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