Commands related search data are essential for any programming activity, because this command SELECT is so used, regardless of language.

With the popularization of Firebird realize that there is a necessity to learn the various commands that involve the management of the bank and therefore the following, we show how the command SELECT is used in it.

Firebird SELECT syntax is very simple and familiar, check below:

SELECT [Fields] FROM [Table]

As a practical example we will see all the products and display all fields in a table of products.

SELECT * FROM products

Note that as in other DBMS, the character (*) is used to return all data, thereby facilitating the coding.

If you need some kind of filter you can still count on the conditional WHERE it will show only the results(s) satisfying that specific condition.

SELECT Cod_prod, Name FROM product WHERE Cod_prod= 1

In the example above only the product that has the code 1 will be shown in the query.


The Firebird has been shown more efficient in development environments, find it very common on projects of all sizes, so learn more about its operation is essential. Learn more about the advantages of Firebird with PHP, one of the programming languages ​​WEB today’s popular on our official site.

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