Friendly urls are urls created from an optimized structure where the user can easily enter them into your browser and simple way to access a particular page. It is undoubtedly one of the items that are taken more into consideration in the usability of a website or web application, thus are essential in any development project.

Product pages on an e-commerce, for example, it is normal that they present a structure where it takes the product code in the URL so that from it is accessing product data in the database, it is because web programming languages ​​are stateless, this means that they do not keep states of variables and each new access to a page variables are “clean”. For variables that can move between pages parameters are passed through the URL, so it is common to see in some applications urls containing various information. In the case of products, the product code is passed in the URL exactly for these issues. We go to a practical example to understand better, check below:

To access information from the sandwich X 101 code is used, this code is mostly the product code in the database. The code is passed through the URL in what we call absolute URL and thus the product page brings data sandwich.

As shown in the above URL, the product code is passed through parameter “cod”, then later in the programming code that can be used to load product data by programming the server.

Thinking the user side, it would be impossible for him from accessing this page directly, after all he does not know the exact code of X sandwich, so to make life easier that same user applies the concept of Friendly URL.

A much simpler way, the user can now access the page directly without the need to know the exact code of the product.

Using URLs provides many benefits, besides facilitating the lives of the users leaves the internal linking structure much more logical and that counts for points including having a better placement in search engines like Google, for example. Only that often demand its implementation development hours and even some advanced technical knowledge as it is necessary not only to implement the logic, but also work on controls related to access. It is very common to see friendly urls working, but taking the user to the wrong pages within the application or website, so it is important to test and analyze their development very well.


In the new version 7.1, Scriptcase brings to you more this feature, your WEB application now has the ease of implementation of this item as important, do not waste hours of development implemented Friendly URLS, create them in a simple and quick as only Scriptcase offers. Download now the free version of this Scriptcase and enjoy more benefit that our tool available to you.

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