Grid mask in a form is a common configuration in any web system when we have a phone number and is most used when there is a need to change the way we exhibit letters and numbers, here we will show how to configure a mask into a from field using Scriptcase.

Here on the first screenshot we will see the Scriptcase form configuration area.

PHP Form

And on the second screenshot we will find the default numeric configuration for a form on Scriptcase.

PHP Form builder

Back on Scriptcase, at the form configuration, Grid Mask option we will configure it using the number 9 to identify a number, the letter “a” to identify a lowercase letter, the letter “A” to identify an uppercase letter and the symbol “*” to indentify letters and numbers.

Here we have a screenshot with a few examples of the mask usage.

PHP Form builder mask

Now all we have to do is to use some parenthesis to identify the state code, a blank space and then we will have four numbers, hyphen, and plus four numbers, just like the screenshot.

PHP Form builder mask

And now when we run our form, we will see something like this.

PHP Form builder

This is just another example about how Scriptcase can lower your development time, instead of lose a lot of time working on that phone field, I can just use the Grid Mask feature and do it in 30 seconds.

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