Other than slowing down your software, build up search history is also dangerous as it compromises your privacy—especially if you are using a shared computer. The good side is that you can delete the opera history whenever you like.

If you want to erase the history, this is how you go about it.

  1. If you are using a windows computer, on your search browser, click on ‘tools’. A drop down menu will appear. Scroll down the list and click on ‘preferences’.
  2. If you are using a Mac computer, click on ‘Opera’ at the top left corner of the screen. A drop down menu should appear. Scroll down the choices and click on ‘preferences’
  3. After clicking on preferences, look at the ‘advanced’ tab and confirm if it’s open. If not, click on it.
  4. When it opens, on the drop down list, click on ‘History’. This is located on the left side of the screen for both windows and Mac users.
  5. Click on the ‘clear ‘button and on the ‘Ok’ button. By clicking on the ‘clear’ button all your search history will be deleted.
  6. To ensure that all the history is deleted, click on the ‘history’ link. If the history is deleted, there will be no sites listed. However, if there are listed sites; continue with the process of deleting opera history.

This is the process that you should follow to delete opera history. If you follow the process to the latter and the history is not deleted, you should always seek the services of a technician.

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