Hello, Everyone!

Today we will show you a step-by-step tutorial that will teach you how to use this helpfull macro that Scriptcase offers to help users to change their connections.




We will start the example creating the databases, using MySQL DB

We will create three different connections: conn_1;  conn_2 and conn_3 and import one table of products :



Inside the Scriptcase we will create one new project.



Create one connection for each database (conn_1; conn_2 and conn_3)


5ae Image04


You can use the option “new connection” to create the new connections:



Or to use the option edit connection to edit the new connections:



You will be able to create different connections and use it dynamically inside your project. You can have them into the same database (MySQL + MySQL …)  or different ones, you can mix as you need (PostGree + MySQL + SQL Server…)


Create one form application, just to add the registers and test your connections later. You can use the main connection to create the form.



Run the application:

Image09 Image09

Create the security module to create the security applications.



Use the main connection you have to create the security.



These are the first steps to perform this macro, check our next 2 posts to complete this tutorial and to achieve the knowledge to use this feature as an advantage.


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