This article was written by one of our resellers that found in Scriptcase what he needed to migrate from visual FOXPRO once it got discontinued by Microsoft.

Migrating Visual FOXPRO To Scriptcase

I have been using Visual Foxpro from its early beginning. That means since 1984, when it was DB II, and then DB III, DB IV, and Fox, and finally Visual Foxpro ending with Last Version 9 on  1997.

Since, VISUAL FOXPRO is not going to have any more releases.  I think the best thing Visual Foxpro developers should do is to move to a new way to develop their  applications, or they are going to get obsolete the same as Visual Foxpro is going to be, on a near future.

The  good news for Visual Foxpro developers is that i find the answer where should we move, and i will help on an easy way how to do it.

First we must move up, that means cloud computing and the answer is SCRIPTCASE,  which is a strong powerful tool  to create the type of applications we used to built on  Visual Foxpro, with the advantage of creating web database driven applications, on a faster, and easier way.

SCRIPTCASE is very easy to use, and also very easy to learn, and you can create a lot of business applications including CRM, and ERP applications.

Here i will explain how to migrate from VISUAL FOXPRO to SCRIPTCASE.


First, you must visit and take a look to some videos to get familiar with SCRIPTCASE.


If you still are using the append blank and replace command on Visual Foxpro, you must forget about that old syntaxis, and move to SQL syntax which is very easy to learn, and they are a lot of books and web pages that may help you for that.

I do recommend to move to MYSQL, because is the one which i have selected and worked, and it is powerful and easy.


Due that SCRIPTCASE, is oriented for WEB APPLICATIONS. You must buy a hosting with a database service, if you do not have it already.
I have  bought one on with Mysql and Linux.

Converting Visual FOXPRO DBF Files to MySQL

Here is how to convert them.


Now the new file you can upload it on the new table with PHPADMIN, with the import option and in a couple of minutes you will have all the visual foxpro tables uploaded, and ready to use.

Now you are almost done, because creating the forms, the grids, the reports, the menus, is much easier and faster, and you are going to find that many applications can be done writing very few lines of code and in many cases without writing even a  single line of code at all.

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December 4, 2012


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