In May 2014, the participation of mobile devices (cell phones, smartphones and tablets) in total web views reached 25%. Four in ten pages are open in browsers installed on mobile devices. A year ago, the mobile browsing was only 14% and that shows the significant growth in a short period. These data are part of a KPCB analyst’s presentation, Mary Meeker, who mentions StatCounter as her source.

To adapt to this market need, Scriptcase has undergone major changes in the release of its latest version. All applications generated in the tool automatically adjust when accessed from mobile devices.


Responsive Menu Application

The menu application in Scriptcase is created using CSS3 and will suit the size of the application’s display screen. Assuming you open a menu application that occupies 100% of the screen in horizontal format, when reducing the size of the screen, the menu will automatically rearrange always displaying all items: links, images, logos and menu toolbar.





Form Application in Mobile

When creating an application form in Scriptcase, two different forms are created: one specific to be accessed by desktop-like computers and other 100% responsive and specific to mobile devices – showing all components, messages, buttons and default navigation from the device where the access was originated.

By accessing the application through programming, it will redirect the user to the type of form that best suits the access device, either Mobile or Desktop.

The mobile form will respect all previously established layout settings, except one difference on the presentation: the form will be displayed in one column and the inputs of the fields will be located below the labels.


Form running in a desktop browser

Form running in a desktop browser

Form running in a Mobile Browser

Form running in a Mobile Browser


Buttons Grouping

This functionality was created in order to let the layout of the applications friendlier when accessed by mobile devices. Assuming that your form has 8 buttons, how would be this view when accessed by a mobile device with a small screen? With the help of this new functionality, one will not have any problem when displaying this kind of form.


Check a Form with mobile responsiveness in Scriptcase

Check the tutorial about how this form was created

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