Recently version 9.4 was released bringing a new design concept to the generated applications of Scriptcase, and in order to further improve some features of the tool, new components and features have been released in a version 9.4.001, which we will review down below.

In total there were 6 new features available in this ‘mini version’:

1 – Midnight theme


After we’ve made some necessary adjustments, finally the Midnight theme is available. 

And I have to say that it is by far my favorite theme so far!

2 – Calendar Application


The new layouts available in version 9.4 are now applicable for the calendar application! That is, new themes, new buttons, new fonts, and more!

3 – CRUD Toast


CRUD is the acronym for Create, Read, Update, and Delete, and do you know what that represents? Now dear toast alerts also feature Sweetalert components after adding, updating, and deleting Form records!

4 – Graphic Themes


Continuing the process of updating the layout of the generated applications, now the new themes can also be used in graphics! The new layout of the generated applications, now the new themes can also be used in graphics!

5 – Awesome font on created buttons


The Awesome Font was already available on the tools default buttons, but there was a missing option for those who prefer to create their own buttons.

But, relax! Font Awesome is now also available for all manually created buttons within applications, just select the default option.

6 – Initial Value


Now, with this new option, you can choose a default starting value for your grid’s filters! Keeping in mind that it only works for global variables

If you want to see the full content of the update, feel free to visit the LandPage of the release. Just click the “new updates” button.

Oh, check the full video demonstrating each of these updates there on the youtube channel.

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