Code generators actually make life easier for programmers because with this kind of tool many routine activities can be automated and thus enable a much faster encoding. Who works in development projects knows how many functions are repeated on each project and how many end up repeating methods used regardless of the type of project.

Methods and query registration, for example, only has as changing the parameters that will be sent to the bank, how to write the syntax is the same as always. Analyzing PHP realize that this does not change, standardizing the way certain method is written, it is simpler to create screens that need to use them. The market currently has several code generators, especially in PHP, after all is one of the programming languages used most WEB. With them you can quickly create screens consultation, registration, reporting and even graphics. Each PHP code generator has its quirks, but who comes out ahead is who can really deliver for the programmer much more than a code generator.


Scriptcase is a tool that generates PHP code that characterizes how the code generator, but what’s the big advantage of Scriptcase? It is a series of advantages that only it provides, check below:

  • Numerous components ready in PHP to be used in various types of web application;
  • The possibility of using templates ready systems that can easily be customized;
  • Complete autonomy over the source code, so the programmer can change any code item it deems necessary;
  • High Level Support;
  • WEB development environment, no need to install an application on your computer.

When comparing with other Scriptcase PHP code generators market realized that the number of advantages it has is far superior to any other, because of that he is now considered one of the best PHP code generators of Brazil.


Want to know more benefits of this powerful PHP code generator? Then visit our E-Learning section to learn more.

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