In Scriptcase the default values in the time to help standardize project information, so it is much faster to create some items since you do not need to worry about features that will be thanks to this important standard features present in our tool. Below you can check what the Scriptcase as default values and how you might use them.

In the menu “Project” visit the “Default Values”.


On the first screen you can edit the information first, eg, name of the photo project, the number of records that appear in queries to set the pager and other information related to inquiry screens. The options are very intuitive once unset the entire project will use them as default.


On the next tab you can edit information query type applications, such as alignment items, items related to the Schema, and even the buttons that are available can be be set using this tab. When finished editing just click the “Update”.


In the next tab items related to forms can be edited. Information such as the width of the table, Tab, Focus on fields with errors and validators can be configured here.


Tab control you can set standards regarding the error message in the project, so it is simpler for the user to understand a possible error message regardless of which page is.


Em filtros é possível configurar todo o comportamento do componente de filtros que existem no projeto. Vários campos tem a opção de edição e novamente a intuitividade da tela acaba sendo um importante diferencial na hora de padronizar as informações do seu projeto.


The option of calendars you can edit the buttons that will appear in the component or not.


Fields Tab, Container Menu and you can adjust alignments and templates quickly and very simple.

default-values-scriptcase-10 default-values-scriptcase-8 default-values-scriptcase-9

HTML Editor tab you have the option to edit the HTML Editor field used in the system, location, alignment buttons, status bars and buttons that will be displayed in the component can be edited here.


In the last tab (Library) you can use a separate library in Scriptcase, they will provide methods that will possibly assist you in extra activities in the tool.


If you do not know and want to know more Scriptcase now download version 7.1 from our free tool and start enjoying all the benefits it offers now.

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August 22, 2013


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