The Project home  has many functionalities that can help you to buy some time on commonplace tasks inside Scriptcase. One of those functions is the publication. With it is possible to select and publish the developed screen in the moment. This process is very simple to be executed was we going to show next.

On your project home, select which applications you will publish marking them in the respective box on the left side. Next, click on the “Publish” button on the site footnote.

home 1

home 2

After it you will be oriented to the publish standard process already known where you can select the kind of publication, what you effectively wish to publish as libraries and common files and beyond. At the end, if you wish to create a publication file or you wish to connect directly to your FTP directory.

home 3

home 4

home 5

After you finish these steps, a screen showing the conclusion percentage will be exhibited and, finally, a report with important information related to the publication.

home 6

home 7

See how it is easy? Make the test know yourself and find out why the ScriptCase is the best WEB development tool of the world!

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