A project is a sequence of activities that have start and end, analyzing this way we can see how the time variable turns out to be important for there to be this classification. However, this time has a close connection with the resources that will be used for the development of these activities and when we analyze this item is important to keep in mind that unforeseen events can happen, especially when we think of human resources.

Early in a project throughout the survey regarding the activities that will be undertaken is done and what resources will be used so that the activities can be finalized and so the project can be delivered. To successfully predict the completion time of a project are often used information from previous projects and also data resources such as time and productivity level. These variables together provide a route to those responsible for the project will be able to predict how about spending time and money, but what is being calculated is an expected value that may or may not be respected. Therefore, to prevent any eventualities that may result in increased time and budget is entering the risk management project.

Manage project risks means predicting many factors that may hinder the smooth progress of the project, the absence of an appeal, an activity that had to be relocated or even a delay in delivery are great examples of possible situations that generate some sort of disorder . When a project is being analyzed is important that both the project manager as analysts have this vision, it is necessary to predict possible situations and how it would impact on the project. Once identified these situations it is important to analyze the delivery and the need to add more time for delivery can be made with quality.

The process of managing project risks may vary according to the guidelines of the company’s development, but is a standard widely used by large corporations and can easily be adapted to a development project site, know below:

  • Planning risk management;
  • Risk Identification
  • Qualitative analysis of the risks
  • Quantitative Risk Analysis
  • Risk response planning
  • Monitoring and control of risks

Analyzing the model above we can see that it is not enough to identify the risks, it is necessary to define response models and mainly carry out constant monitoring of the project to identify them and treat them ASAP.


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June 3, 2013


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