Update your Scriptcase the next time you open it! We just released the 8.1.007 with lots of corrections and some new implementations.

To check the full list of whats new check our changelog:



 New functionalities

  • The HTML Editor component was updated with the newest version available.
  • Added a new area for profile settings using the HTML Editor options (Layout menu > HTML Editor).
  • Added new HTML Editor options to the application’s settings.
  • Added new HTML Editor options to the project’s default value


 Specific correction

  • Fixed problem in image display next to the menu items.
  • Fixed problem in inserting records starting with backslash within multiple lines text field.
  • Fixed problem deleting images after clicking more than once to update.
  • Fixed problem with upload fields after records’ navigate and update.
  • Fixed problem with the Search TEXT width.
  • Fixed problem when inserting files named using symbols and spaces.
  • Fixed problem with numeric fields alignment within editable grid (view) form type applications.
  • Fixed problem in the folder created by ScriptCase to save libraries within public profile.
  • Fixed problem with content blocks display using the macro “sc_display_block” within Firefox browser.
  • Fixed problem with themes display in the customization and metric Chart application areas.
  • Fixed problem in the option checked/unchecked all on Checkbox fields with AJAX.
  • Fixed problem in the Maximum File Size option in the settings of applications.
  • Fixed problem when using regular expression in the grid SQL.
  • Fixed problem in PDF export Master/Detail using sc_change_connection.
  • Fixed problem when creating HelpCase appointed with pound sign(#).
  • Fixed problem when generating common libraries after deployment advanced.
  • Fixed problem in black and white export in the chart application.
  • Fixed problem in the context menu of the tabs used in the menu application.


  • Fixed problem displaying values in the grid application charts.
  • Fixed problem in the paging within Forms application with select fields with multiple values.
  • Fixed problem in the fields view when using the initial block set as open tab.
  • Fixed problem with the dates sorting in the Chart application.
  • Fixed problem for downloading files options through within the Internet Explorer.
  • Fixed problem in the file insert button into multi-upload fields within the Internet Explorer.
  • Fixed problem with the Tab alignment options under Tabs application.
  • Fixed problem with tree menu preview through advanced themes’ settings.
  • Fixed problem when using horizontal menu themes within project and user profiles.
  • Fixed problem with the macro “sc_ajax_message” when displaying double select field values.
  • Fixed problem when using macro “sc_field_disabled” with N-N fields.
  • Fixed problem CSV exporting in the Grids with more than one Group By.
  • Fixed problem when deleting an empty folder within the project.
  • Fixed problem in the application’s directory, after deleting applications with friendly URL.
  • Fixed problem with the data visualization within Summaries using virtual fields.
  • Fixed problem within the “OnExecute” event in the Tree Menu when calling different projects’ applications.
  • Fixed problem with the Administration tab when accessing other segments of the same screen.
  • Fixed problem with values conversion ​​into auto-complete fields.
  • Fixed problem in the vertical alignments description on project default values options.
  • Fixed problem when using applications starting with numbers in the details.
  • Fixed problem with cut images in the old HelpCase header.
  • Fixed spacing problem on the margin of HTML Editor.
  • Fixed problem after upload files started with accents and symbols in the Linux environment.
  • Fixed problem when using macro sc_field_disabled HTML Editor field.
  • Fixed problem in insert forms that have fields with default values ​​set in the database.
  • Fixed problem on the option to view HTML code in HTML Editor field through Internet Explorer.
  • Fixed problem in title during the restore procedure in ScriptCase.
  • Fixed problem when updating records with disabled SELECT fields.
  • Fixed problem after selecting values in auto complete fields.

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