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– Special Pre-Release campaign for Scriptcase 8.1;
– Features list for our Major release Version 8.1;

Special Campaign for Scriptcase 8.1 Release

Purchase or update your license and get an extension on your upgrade subscription!

Don’t miss our pre-release pricing ($100 OFF for Scriptcase Enterprise and Professional edition): purchase or update your license and get the usual 360 days for major and minor upgrades starting from V8.1 release date – regardless if you bought the upgrade before –  It means that you will not need to wait for the major updates to start using the newest Scriptcase features already available. Final version of Scriptcase 8.1 will be out in a few weeks.


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Major new features for Version 8.1:

Reporting (Grids and Charts)
– New “Refined Search” for selections according to the data universe (Slider component for selecting the ranges)
– New data type that enables accumulated field creation. Also available for totals and summary
– Freeze Grid Header
– New button type AJAX for Grid and Form (it allows you to create Ajax callback function)
– New charts configuration options for generated applications: dynamic selection for multiple values, combo and stacked chats within a new interface for the final user.
– New Helpcase with new layout for generation of documents
– Library Manager
– Upload multiple files or folders, enabling total maintenance, with the purpose to increase reuse of codes. The libraries may be included in any application events (sc_url_library – ‘prj’, ‘bootstrap-3.3.2-dist’, ‘css/style1.css’)
– New sample system with webservices, client and server
– New macros to facilitate the construction of web services
– Macro sc_webservice (SOAP, CURL, file_get_contents, SOCKS)
– Show generated apps apps in tabs
– Breadcrumb navigation
– Control of users logged into the system
– IP control and Brute force Protection
– Supported development environment with PHP 5.6.


Here you have a link to a recorded webinar we did with the new features:

Find more info, screenshots and live demos here

Your feedback is very welcome!

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Scriptcase Team

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