In Scriptcase help area the About option can help you to answer simple questions if it happens any eventuality. It provides important information about use of tool and can be used by our support to solve any problems.

To access the About option go to the “Help” menu and click on its link.


Clicking on the menu a new window will open, in there you will have access to the following data for your tool.

  • Licensed for;
  • The version of Scriptcase;
  • The type of license;
  • The serial number;
  • The number of licenses for use of the application;
  • The number of applications that can be used;
  • and the expiration date of the license.


It is always important to pay attention to such information as the expiration date, for example if you do not update your license after that period your Scriptcase can not work properly because different items will be blocked until renew. Because of that access the About function needs to be a weekly routine, so you make sure to always keep the expiration date of the term.

leanr more about Scriptcase on other posts in our blog and discover a new world of possibilities.

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