Scriptcase has a kind of application very interesting , it can assist records separated by dates, the calendar. You can use Calendar application to create records by date in a very simple way, so you can enjoy it we will show step by step how to create it.

To create a Calendar application use the button “New Application”, on the window that opens select the “Calendar” and make data entry as basic connection, the table will be used to register the record, application name and language.




After that you can edit the table fields with custom labels, you can also edit the fields of the calendar which will reference the table data fields according to the calendar.



In the last tab you can also select the color scheme you want to use.


To finish application development click on the “Create” button. Soon thereafter you can see your application running by clicking on “Run” button in the window that will open the calendar will open with all the features implemented and clicking on the respective days of the calendar records can be created. This type of application is often used when there is a need mounting scales, for example.



Learn more about this and other features of Scriptcase, download free version now and discover a world of speed and practicality.

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