A major differential Scriptcase is the solution of problems, our support team is always available to solve any problem related to the tool and it has some features, one of them is the Diagnosis Scriptcase. The most of errors that appear in the tool is directly related to the configuration that was applied and because of that diagnosis works as a kind of chek-up. So every time you identified a problem with in your Scriptcase diagnosis can help you.

To access the “Diagnosis” into “Help” menu.


By clicking on the respective option will open a new screen and a report like the one shown below will be processed and displayed.



In this report are performed important checks as environmental analysis, analysis of databases that are connected to the tool, possible extensions that are being used as well as basic checks as write permissions, for example.

With this feature our support team will be able to assist you in solving problems quickly and efficiently.

Want to learn more, access this option in your Scriptcase and see how easy it is to generate this diagnosis.

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