A resource that can help much when implementing an item in various applications in a project is Scriptcase Express Edit. With it you do not need to edit one by one their applications when certain items need to be implemented.

To access Express Edit go to “Tools” menu and select the respective option.


On the screen that opens you have the option to choose whether you want to change all applications and select some. In our example we will modify all applications.


After that, select which items you want to change. You still can change the chosen item individually in each of the applications.


As an example we will modify the header image of all our applications. Proceeding with step by step you can select the image that will be applied to all applications, after this step click the “Apply” button.


With process finished, our tool will display a summary of all applications that have been modified in order to help you in controlling changes.


Scriptcase can help you get more results with their applications and express edition shows just that. Test this feature and discover how our tool can do so much more for you.

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