Every application needs menus for the navigation can be performed, but programmers will agree that implement them can mean difficult task, any change urls or structure may represent HTML coding hours until everything is exactly as it should be. For those who do not use Scriptcase this really can be a complicated reality, but for anyone who uses implement a menu goes far from being a problem.

Using a menu application quickly you create a navigation structure in a fast and uncomplicated. Check the following.

Begin implementing your menu by creating a new application and then selecting the “Menu” tabs.



On the screen that will open you give the name of the application and also indicate the language used, as shown in the image above and on the “Schema” you can select the color scheme you prefer.


After finishing this process click the “Create” button and start to edit the menu items. You need to insert the items by clicking on green plus sign button.


As an example we will create a larger menu and a submenu screen. To simply create a new menu item, enter the desired label in the “Label”, indicate which application will be open, and will use Hint or not as well as the icon if desired. For the creation of sub-item using the same form of creation, but using next button.


Once set up, just run the application and your menu is working exactly as configured. You can still edit it later if necessary.



Learn more about the benefits that our tool provides, download now the free version of Scriptcase and enjoy.

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