The best web form and report builder that runs in any browser. Avaliable to MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and SQL server.
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Scriptcase is a RAD (Rapid Application Development) tool that generates PHP systems in an easy and intuitive way. It allows colaborative developement and has flexibility allowing the developer to insert his own code.


Cost Reduction

Using Scriptcase can reduce programming time significantly compared to conventional development.


Scriptcase can be used in different operating systems like Linux, Windows, MAC and others.

Development Patterning

All development is done using patterns throughout the team, making so much faster and easier for both corrective and evolutionary maintenance of systems developed.

Decentralized Development

All development is done through the browser, allowing access to the development team from any location via Internet / Intranet.

Internal Functions

There is more than a hundred internal functions to make your development experience with scriptcase most practical.

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Scritcase the new concept of web development!

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