The To-Do list is one of the news that will be part of Scriptcase v8, ​​a list of tasks to be done at the user level, facilitating the routine of developers and staff.



TO-DO Lists on Scriptcase can be created in four different levels, public, individual for the user who chreated, project public and project individual.

Public List – The TO-LIST will be visible for all Scriptcase users under the same installation.

My List – The TO-DO list created will be visible only for the TO-DO List creator.

Project: Public List – The TO-DO list created will only be visible for the users who have access to that specific prject .

Project: My List – The TO-DO list will only be visible for the TO-DO list creator in that specific project.



In this area will be exhibithed all TO-DO Task Lists on the previous selected TO-DO List target.

TO-DO – Name of the task created.

Application – Taget apllication that has a task attached to it, the application target is not required when we are creating a new task.

Owner – User who created the task.

Responsible – User responsible to finish the task.

Percetage Done – Percentual number to express the amount of the task that was completed already.

Deadline – Final date to finish the task.

Options – Configurations to update the current task.

Another innovative feature to make life easier for Scriptcase users. To learn more, watch our videos and seminars:

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