Scriptcase is not only a RAD (rapid application development), it is a complete development environment. ScriptCase’s installer is a executable file with an application for self-extracting and configuring APACHE, PHP and SCRIPTCASE on your Operating System. (Linux, windows and MAC OS)



Scriptcase installer will install automatically in your computer:

1 – Apache Web Server 2.4.3.
2 – PHP 5.6 with the mbstring, zip and gd extensions enabled.
3 – Zend Guard Loader 3.3.
4 – Scriptcase Version 8.1

Download Scriptcase at:
Before you proceed with the installation is recomended to do not have any other web environment (such as XAMP, Zend Server, etc…) installed on the machine.

We have a complete tutorial to guide you trough the installation process, check it on the link below:

If you already have a development environment running and working at your computer all you have to do is install the Zend Guard Loader and then use the .zip file from Scriptcase.

Zend Guard loader tutorials:
Linux Tutorial
Windows Tutorial
MAC OS Tutorial

With the Zend installed all you have to do is use the .zip from Scriptcase to install it, check the tutorial HERE.

Remember that trial users have free access to our suppor team.



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