The development enviroment its the key to deliver a good project, that’s why when we deal with ideas and intelectual contents it’s important that some of the items are protected. Analyzing the point of view of the security, some items need to be settled within the policies stablished by the production enviroment. These policies will make sure that all that is being developed and delivered are following a pattern and are 100% free of any possible risk related to the enviroment.

Looking at the most important points within a development environment its necessary to the security policy of the environment meets certain conditions:

  • Maintain a safe source, far from theft or downtime to the development team code;
  • Follow safety specifications in order to avoid failure in the development and delivery of the project;
  • Ensuring the end customer data security;
  • Having a restricted physical space for servers;
  • Separate production environments, test and build;
  • Configuration management of sources;
  • Development processes well developed and can attest to the control of activities;
  • Restrictions on the use of external accessories to the production environment as a USB drive, for example.

As a method of control is important that the policy has standard documents formatted and duly signed by each of the employees who are participating in the project.



Each organization creates its security policies according to the scenario they’re included, but the items listed above can be implemented regardless of the size of the environment. Even smaller projects must certify information security implemented and delivered.



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