Using SQLBuilder, one of the most interesting features of Scriptcase quickly you can build search queries and thus save time in creating and executing SQL commands. To use it is very simple, check the following:

To access the tool go on the “Tools” menu and select the option “SQLBuilder”.


Thereafter a screen containing all the tables present in the database for the selected connection will appear.


As an example we will select the Categories table by clicking the “Confirm” will open a new screen with all fields present in the table. We will select the field “CategoryID” and “NomeCategoria” to work.


Following we add a conditional our query and still use the command “AND” and “OR”.


In the tab “Order” you can select the field that will be used to sort the query and beside the option Ascendant (ASC) and Descending (DESC).


Completed the configuration just use the tab “Execution” for the command is run and the information can be viewed directly in the relationship. For this use the “Run” button.


You still have the option to save the command set for later use. Simple is not it?


Test this and other features present in our tool, download now Scriptcase free and discover a world of new possibilities. Get more results in their projects WEB, use Scriptcase.

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