Using PLSQL language, Sybase uses the INSERT command to perform the record insert in your tables.

INSERT INTO [Table] ([Columns]) VALUES ([Values])

The syntax is very similar to that used in other DBMS such as SQL Server and Firebird, for example. So learn how to work with Sybase is something very simple. We will now show two examples of using the INSERT command.

INSERT INTO produtct VALUES (‘Tv’, Sony’, 1500)

INSERT INTO product (Name, Brand, Price) VALUES (‘Tv’, Sony’, 800)

In the first example the insertion of values ​​is performed without indication of the columns, but we need to emphasize that you need to know the order of the columns only this way that insertion will be executed with success. In the second example, columns are indicated and so it there are no errors in the execution of the process, with no doubt this is the best option for this command.


Sybase has become a great option for database and so it is very common to find it in web development environments. Learn more in our official page about Sybase in PHP projects.

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