When we are working with programming, the tools are essential once they provide a number of resources to the programmer that will be used to streamline the development process. If we analyze smothly we can realize that the programming is almost a craftsmanship as each line of code must be written by a human.

Currently the market has some interesting tool and they can vary according to the kind of programming language that will be chosen. We will talk about three main tools currently used.


The official development tool for .NET is Visual Studio, it has hundreds of options to improve the project management and also it allows the programmer to manage each of your projects using the tool itself. With the Team System you can manage users and permissions by project thus avoiding problems like versioning errors, for example.


Those who choose to program in Java will surely hear about Netbeans. Currently it is a free tool with most resources for those who want to program for the web using the Java language. It natively has a number of libraries that aim to speed up the development of WEB (.Jsp) applications.


With years of experience in the market, Scriptcase became a reference, and it is currently considered the best tool for PHP development. It is a fact that the increased productivity is obtained using it and that is why more and more developers have migrated their PHP projects to this amazing tool.


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