There is a promising market when it comes to development and this is unquestionable, but there are few who actually manage to get there. Being programmer requires a lot of discipline and study and often people are not willing to “lose” a weekend to learn more about a programming language, for example. It is common to see large groups in colleges computer is summarize a few dozen in the final semesters, but who strives and persists just reaping good results financially speaking.

There is a clear need for any company to have their automated processes and without the figure of the programmer that would be impossible. Small businesses also feel this need, but often do not have enough money to invest in large projects in so-called software factories, thus end up opting for professional freeelancers. Developers who work in this format end up having a very big market to explore and companies that need services that are in them an economically viable solution.

If you are a programmer and now works as a freelancer check out some tips to follow:

  • The most common mistake of those who work freelance budget is wrong, if you work in this format to watch on client needs and you need to use the tools and resources to meet them. As you work on the project alone most of the time, have a managerial vision is essential;
  • Another important tip is with respect to deadlines, be well controlled all their schedules and above all be honest with your customer. Short periods only to the project is closed may result in delivery problems and an unhappy customer. It is common that the programmer has more than one project at hand and because of that it is important to align and work schedules;
  • Have a good relationship with its customers, the statement is always the best way and many doors open because of that. Another advantage of a good relationship is in case of problems during the project, is not exclusive of large projects failures in deliveries so a good relationship can help to handle the situation easily;
  • Be committed, this is undoubtedly the most important tip. Often programmers freelancers see the work as a secondary activity and that there needs to be prioritized and this is a totally wrong. Meet deadlines is a sign of commitment. Serve the customer well and show quality in the project end up becoming differentials can also be referenced later;
  • Learn reconcile their schedules, lost nights sleep is priceless. Freelancer who is always has that extra money, but compromise health because of it is not the best alternative. Create a work routine that allows you to work and have quality of life at the same time.


With our tips and using ScriptCase as a tool for developing your projects will always succeed! You do not know the ScriptCase? So do not waste time and check out our page Course ONLINE ScriptCase with PHP and start right now to take your first steps.

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June 10, 2013


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