To customize the business rules of a system is required that the developer, in Scriptcase’s events, enter their own code using PHP language. Scriptcase allows some of the resources allocated to applications such as data fields, labels, language variables and global variables to be available so this way the developer can manipulate them in the best that meets their needs, among these the most important features are:

Fields Variable:
In the form, grid and control applications the fields of those applications are available and accessible to the developer. To access the content of the fields make it necessary to inform the field name into curly brackets.

Example: {ClientName} = Steve Jobs;

Language variables :
These variables are commonly used by the data dictionary to create more friendly labels and in the translation Scriptcase system when there is a message or label with different translations for each languages, to access the contents of these variables is necessary to use the variable name in curly brackets.

Example : sc_error_message({lang_error_login)};

NOTE: Please note that all language variables begin with the word “lang”

Global variables:
These variables once initiated are available to any application on Scriptcase, it is more used to pass parameters from one application to another.

Example: [var_login] = {login};

Learn more about this and other features that Scripcase offers. Do you already know Scriptcase? Download the free version of our tool and discover a world of new possibilities.

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