Large factories and companies have dozens and even hundreds of professionals, each allocated to a different project or process.

When we think of human resource, it is important to keep in mind that each has a distinct function within the processes/projects of the entity. In this sense, ensuring that each user has access only to information that are relevant is very important for the fluidity and efficiency of those corporations.


An employee of a particular industry must have access only to his process/project, and furthermore, that user actions also need to be limited.

Every process or project has a very high added intellectual value. The intelligence applied there as well as the client’s business rules are valuable information and, in many cases, should not be shared by everyone involved.

From the point of view of security, each user in a development environment must have an access profile where certain options are available or not according to a series of policies.

In general, the user definition rules schema must be based on the following:

• The users must have a specific profile for their functions;

• It should be made available only project-related information to the professional who is working on that project;

• Documents with tactical and strategic information should be available only to resources that are at those levels;

• It is necessary to ensure that the development tool guarantees, as a prerequisite, that the permissions scheme is respected.

Rules like those ones provide protection to all value that the information owns. Align the profiles and ensure the security of all information is a responsibility shared by all those involved to tactical level within the project.


Scriptcase offers a scheme that allows users:

• Access to projects only for users with permission;

• Log scheme to evaluate a possible unauthorized action;

• Lock functions within a user tool.

Thus, the tool enables a much safer development environment, free from possible malicious actions.

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