Scriptcase version 8.1 is now available. Below you will find a list of answers to the most frequently asked questions related to installation, upgrade and new version use.


PLEASE NOTE: Version 8.1 is a major release for the Version 8 and it is not necessary to perform a new installation to use it. Version 8.1 maintains full compatibility with version 8.0 and the update can be performed regardless the date of your License Upgrade.

New features, nevertheless, will be released only for licenses with “License Upgrade” updated. Please click here to check or update your License Upgrade period (


01) I have already the version 8 installed on my machine/server, how do I update to the version 8.1?
You need to execute an automatic update inside Scriptcase at “Option > Settings”  then “Scriptcase Update” menu. Please check on this tutorial for the detailed steps:

02) I already have a version 8 license, do I need a new one to use the version 8.1?
No. You will use the same license, once the version 8.1 is an update from the version 8.

03) Do I need to convert my version 8 projects to 8.1?
No. As it is only an upgrade, you don’t need.

04) Scriptcase 8.1 is compatible with PHP 5.6, I need to update my PHP version?
No. Scriptcase 8.1 is also compatible with PHP 5.4 (used in Version 8).

05) I have a version 7, or an older one (V4, V5 or V6) and I want to migrate and use Scriptcase 8.1, what should I do?

You must install version 8.1 from our automatic installer (recommended) or manually through the .zip or .tgz file.

If you choose to install manually, you have to set an environment with all the requirements. In the link below you will find instructions for installation and conversion of projects:

06) How do I learn about Scriptcase 8.1?
We have in our website a considerable documentation which includes: manuals, Forum, video lessons, webinars, tutorials. Please find some useful links below:

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