When talking about database one of the most common items to work are the Views, with them it is possible to optimize the return time of a given query that comes to be allocated in a separate space in the database and thus ensures secure greater processing performance for database and application.

View is primarily used to return query more complex and thus optimizes it, tables that have many records or queries involving more than one table are typical examples of the use of views.

Create a view in MySQL is very simple, just use the following syntax:




As a practical example we will create a view that returns only products from a table that have the word “TV” in the name.



SELECT cod_prod, Name

FROM tbl_product

WHERE Name LIKE ‘%tv%’

To access view just use the select command, just as it makes a table query.

SELECT * FROM vw_TvQuery


Every day is more common to see MySQL being worked with PHP development projects WEB. So understand its operation ends up being essential for anyone working in this market.

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