The budget for online strategies (site) of a small business is often not high and because of that it is important to focus exactly at the points where it will return. Thinking about it, today we will give you some important tips that can significantly reduce cost of project and thus fit the amount allocated for this type of action.

The site needs to be as objective as possible and so there is no need for many pages, companies developing sites often make the pricing on them and reducing them you also reduces the total project value. Among the pages of a binding site we can highlight: Home, Company, Services/Products and Contact.

At Home is important to have a good visual appeal and work with banners can help at the time of communication with the user. Regardless market a good set of images can be an interesting differential.

On the Company page is important to talk about the history of the company as a whole, telling his story and highlighting their strengths.

On the Services or Products page must explain various aspects about what is being offered and mostly smooth the way sales from the site offering the most opportunity possible for the user to contact via email, phone or form .

In contact page, the word is easily, offer the largest possible number of ways to contact your customer, this way you avoid losing business.


Optimizing the structure of your website you optimize your project value, and therefore has a higher return. For this analysis the pages well and keep in mind that the more objective and succinct more results for your website as a business tool it will bring.

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