One of the most important phases of web development process has to do with Wireframing. It allows individuals to efficiently come up with an incredible website. So what is a wireframe and why wireframes are important? Simply put, it refers to a visual representation (Blueprint or Outline or Skeleton) of a website’s outline design. It represents the layout structure of a page as well as its navigational scheme. In addition to these, a wireframe also represents the major components of a site, for example, ad units and web forms.

There is no doubt that wireframes are more than important. Ignoring this phase can turn out to be quite disastrous. Let us look at some of the major benefits of wireframes in the below discussion.

One of the most important advantages of wireframes is the fact that they make design changes efficient. Undoubtedly, it takes effort, time, and expertise to design a web page. The truth is design changes are inevitable. Some changes are very expensive. It takes a lot of time and high costs. Wireframes make it inexpensive and quick to conduct an overhaul in regards to design.

The other benefit of wireframes is that they make navigation of sites much easier and better. During web development, it is very important to make it easy for users to have an easy time navigating through the site. Wireframes allows developers to check key pages, whether dropdown menus confuse users and determine whether navigational schemes are incomprehensible or intuitive.

Third reason to why wireframes are important is it makes content development friendlier in terms of design. Content is very important for any website. Elegant content that persuades and informs is what readers look for. Content must make use of readable fonts, numbered lists, properly sized fonts, well-positioned subheads, and bullets among other features. Wireframes ensure that all these needs are met.

The above are just some of the many reason to why wireframes are important. Ignore this phase at your own peril. All the best.

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June 6, 2013


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