In Scriptcase you can use Ajax in applications, but for it is necessary enable this option at the time it is developing. Because of this, with Express Edit is possible to implement this functionality in all applications at once. Below we show how to perform this action.

First go to the “Express Edition” on the “Tools” then a screen will open giving you the editing options in all applications or the option to select which applications you want to change. In our example we will modify all applications.


On the next screen you must select Ajax, all applications with this feature will be modified.


Then you need to confirm the editing of this property.


At the end of the process, Scriptcase will show you a list of all applications that have been changed and you will have more control over the changes in your project.


See how simple it is? Test already this functionality in their projects and discover why Scriptcase is today one of the best options in the market of web development.

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