In other opportunity we’ve already talk in our blog about the CAPTCHA and the use on prevention of the inopportune spams registers. They help to validate if there’s really a human action on the register and not just some automatic algorithm with malicious intentions.

On Scriptcase you can easily implement this important security resource so this way you may prevent that unintended people injure your application performance. To implement the CAPTCHA on forms is very simple. Access the form configuration and click on the “Security” option on the “Form” label.

captcha 3

When you open the Security screen, roll the screen down and, in the “Captcha” label, configure the resource. To use it, mark the “Yes” option on the “Use Captcha” attribute and configure the others attributes as your prefer.

captcha 2

captcha 1

You also can choose between your CAPTCHA formats by adjusting his layout to your need.

Implementing the CAPTCHA in your forms you guarantee much more safety to your application. Find out this and others resources that Scriptcase free up to you!

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