We already talk on our blog about the Black Box Test in development projects where the intention was only validate the result of a determined routine. Now, we’re going to talk about another test that also makes part of a routine and it is essential to guarantee the quality of the developed application. The White Box Test.

The White Box Test, different of the Black Box Test, seek validate the performance of a code as a whole. Evaluating all the aspects that involve the evaluated routine. They rater the source code, the interface as a user and, in some cases, all the data routine is utilized.

With the White Box Test, it is possible to guarantee that the application will run with all your optimize routines. He seeks not only identify fault on the procedure of determined information, but also evaluates if this implemented routine were the best or more optimize as possible.

Different of the Black Box Test, the White Box Test takes way more time to be executed, but this isn’t a problem because, thanks to it, the quality of the application can be guarantee. Whoever makes this test needs a good programming notion and, most of all, a critical sense to diagnose and propose better ways to improve the developed routines.

caixa brancaTests are essential on every Project and with the White Box Test, it is possible to deliver with much more quality.

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